Turin DF83V Rotary Dial

Turin DF83V Rotary Dial

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PREORDERS with shipping by March 1. Final may vary slightly in minor details but will have the same overall design. Intro pricing until March 1.


The stock Turin DF83V dial on my grinder was stiff and difficult to turn. The original dial is small and has no ridges.

Additionally, it has only one grub screw, which can easily strip the aluminum its housed in. Many have reported loosening dials as a result.

Compared to my Sculptor 078S, I found it much harder to use, often requiring two hands to make fine adjustments.

I designed this upgraded dial to fix those issues:

  • Numbered ridges to help grip
  • Larger outer diameter makes turning easier
  • Finger holes to help turn
  • Easier fine adjustments
  • Three grub screws with steel inserts that can each hold much more force than the original screw

Note: You will need to relocate the original indicator sticker or find a replacement sticker.