Nissan Flowgo (OEM Size)

Nissan Flowgo (OEM Size)

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Nissan logo flow through badge for the 370Z

Sized to fit in the OEM badge relief (larger size here)

Printed out of ASA for heat and UV resistance, this modernized Nissan badge allows additional airflow through the upper logo on the Z bumper. 

Letters float in the center of the badge, maximizing air pass-through. 

Fitment has been verified on the following:

  • Nismo V1 Bumper
  • Non-Nismo Bumper

Backing plate options:

  • Flow air straight back (most CAIs)
  • Direct air left and right (OEM airbox or short ram
  • Direct air to the right, driver's side (


  • Black
  • Black with Dark Gray lettering (+$10)


  1. Remove bumper
  2. Create a 3.4" hole (use a 3.4" hole saw). Center the hole saw centering bit just below the center of the existing logo (center identified by small thicker square of plastic).
  3. Insert front plate, and line up and tighten rear plate. If loosening over time, add a slight bit of slow acting adhesive to the outer ring of the front plate.