E46 M3 S54 Carbon Fiber Polycarbonate Intake (E36 M3 S54 swap compatible)
E46 M3 S54 Carbon Fiber Polycarbonate Intake (E36 M3 S54 swap compatible)
E46 M3 S54 Carbon Fiber Polycarbonate Intake (E36 M3 S54 swap compatible)

E46 M3 S54 Carbon Fiber Polycarbonate Intake (E36 M3 S54 swap compatible)

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Ultra-lightweight Carbon Fiber Infused high-flow, high-volume intake for the E46 M3

Pre-orders with first batches shipping by end of January!

Until Jan 23: Intro Price of $150

Utilizing a near-exponential horn shape to transition from the MAF diameter to the 6" intake pod, this intake maximizes the amplification of engine sound while minimizing weight. Compared to a Borla exhaust, this setup is even louder from within the cabin!

The OEM intake box while well-designed, is very heavy, and significantly silences the awesome sounds that the S54 makes from the intake side. Aftermarket intakes like the Eventuri and Gruppe M that are lightweight are prohibitively expensive for many.


I was unsatisfied with how the K&N intake ran on my E46 M3. It had a small filter, was bulky, and (as many people know) ran poorly. In late fall of 2022, I set out to make something lighter than any other MAF-based intake system available, This intake was the outcome of over 16 different designs, each tested for changes in sound and airflow. CF filament pushed the boundaries of my printing setups, but the results were absolutely worth it! (Blog post to come with more detailed information about all the other iterations that were rejected)


  • Carbon Fiber Infused Polycarbonate, extremely tough AND light
  • Horn-theory optimized shape for maximum sound amplification
  • Flow monitored for consistent MAF readings, benchmarked against OEM and many many iterations and tweaks (>50 monitoring sessions over the span of 3 months)
  • Smooth gradual transition of intake diameter to eliminate turbulence and accelerate air from the pod filter
  • Maximized space usage inside engine bay, bringing the inlet as close to cold air as possible
  • 6" high flow filter with low replacement cost
  • Option for buyers with silicone intake elbows, with smooth engine-side transitions
  • Highly cost effective compared to mainstream intakes

Price includes filter and hardware (no MAF sensor)

Note: Do not overtighten screws.

Offer: email me at info@3dwardprinting.com if you have an Eventuri intake and are willing to take WOT engine bay and cabin comparisons between the two. At least for now, it was not within my budget to buy one for testing. I did however make camber-based intake during early design comparisons and confirmed the bell-like curvature was NOT conducive to sound. I also calculated the filter surface area on the inverted filter design and am confident pod shaped filters are less restrictive.