TPU Nose Flaps!

Formal Introduction of the TPU Nose Flaps

3Dward Printing now has a page for ordering TPU nose flaps.

These flaps go along with the HP Reverb G2 gasket I sell here and may also work if you have a gasket mod design with the nosepiece modeled after the OEM G2 Gasket. You can identify this with it having two small holes in the nosepiece 20mm apart and 2.5mm in diameter.

While they aren't as soft as the silicone in the stock headset, I find them comfortable while playing and very effective at blocking out light from the nose area.

New gaskets will all come with these included, removable by unscrewing.

Anyone wanting to add theirs to a gasket can order the flaps here.

Returning customers who have bought a gasket from me already can use code FLAPPY for a discount on the nose flaps.